Where to go for up-to-minute IT/Social Networking solutions

All of us in the bloodstock industry are pushed for time; we want to do everything as well as we possibly can, but so often time is our biggest enemy.

Equally keeping up with the play on the information technology front is SO important, but where do you find the time to get the very best out of the IT available to us, specially when it comes to the powerful Social Networking area – things like keeping your website right up-to-date, user ‘Twitter’ as a business tool; and ‘Facebook’ for that matter too.

Well I have the answer for you – pick up the phone & talk to Russell Brown at the Hamilton communication specialists Digital Stream (www.digitalstream.co.nz).

The best thing I ever did was employ their services to build my website.  Then they got me started on Facebook, then Twitter & most recently – IN FACT TODAY – they introduced an arrangement whereby when anyone logs onto my website via their phone, it’s immediately user-friendly for a phone.

Bloody marvelous technology and it’s helping my bloodstock agency business and syndication as well.

Look, this is not a paid endorsement, this is me saying thanks to Digital Stream for getting me up-to-speed in a friendly and cost-effective way.

By the way, if you hate computer nerds who make you uncomfortable because they know more about the medium than you, don’t worry, Digital Stream are a down-to-earth bunch who simply want to please.

Do yourself a favour; get on the front foot and contact Digital Stream.  If it’s good enough for Cambridge Stud to use their services, it’s good enough for the rest of us!



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