During my 15 years of presenting and producing the breeding industry weekly television programme The Ford Report for Trackside Television I filmed scores of stallions around New Zealand as well as NSW and Victoria in Australia.

Today I laid eyes on a stallion who ranks as one of the most athletic I have seen.  I say that with total sincerity.  I went to the Rich Hill parade today with a very open mind.  I had seen the horse on television and in the publicity photos, but seeing him in the flesh is a whole new experience.

The most handsome I had seen previously was Westbury Stud’s former shuttler Makfi; I used to call him ‘Tom Cruise’.  I have special memories of filming Encosta de Lago at Coolmore in the Hunter Valley too; he was quite some horse.

Not only does Vadamos possess magnificent physical make-up, but he walks on water.  Added to that he appears to have the most remarkable laid-back temperament.  He has been at Rich Hill for only six days and you’d swear he had been there all his life.

Vadamos is surely an outstanding addition to the choice breeders have in 2017.  I reckon the astute breeders at the public parade today would have been signing on the dotted line for a service nomination after seeing him.

A pleasure to meet Vadamos today at Rich Hill Stud

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